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About Our Site

Nature of our web site

The web site (the ‘Site’) has been set up by Addstons Ltd (‘we’, ‘us’ or ‘our’) to help owners of privately owned businesses and/or properties in the United Kingdom (‘Owners’ or ‘you’, ‘your’) advertise their properties and business for sale or letting online to prospective private buyers and tenants.

Owners manage their own advertisements, and are responsible for the accuracy of their advertisements, and for compliance with the law generally. The Site also enables prospective private buyers or tenants to contact Owners online about their property.

We may employ and/or sub agent to work with Owners to help them list their property on our site (for example, if they do not have computer access, or if they are not confident about listing their property directly on our Site), and to guide them through the process of listing their property on our Site.

As the Site enables Owners to advertise their property online to prospective buyers or tenants, the advertisement will need to disclose some means of communication to enable users to respond to an advertisement, and it is not within our control to protect them if a third party or Third Party Company extracts and uses them.

How to advertise your property on the Site

1. Personal details: Please fully complete the applicable registration process by providing your personal details. You can withhold certain of your personal details from being fully displayed on the Site by selecting what information you wish to appear alongside your advertisement. For example, if you only wish your email address to be displayed, select the ‘email only’ option, or if you only want your phone number to be displayed you can select this option.

We reserve the right to pass on your details to our partner sites or referral companies with whom we have agreement to provide relevant service to you (e.g. EPC providers, valuers, conveyancers etc). For full details of how we collect and use your personal details, please see our Privacy Policy.

2. Property details: You will need to provide summary details of your property first (e.g. number of bedrooms/reception rooms/bathrooms), then you need to provide a complete and accurate description of your property. In this section you can mention room sizes, the condition of your property, and all other relevant details that appropriately reflect your property inside and out and its surroundings.

You may attach up to a maximum of ten photos of your property. Any image attached to display properties other than the property to which the advertisement relates will be removed from the Site. It is your sole responsibility to ensure that you have the right to upload any photo, and that it does not infringe any third party rights (e.g. the privacy of any person shown in the photo).

You are solely responsible for providing all relevant information and facts relating to the property you are listing on the Site, so as to give a true reflection of all relevant details. If you provide any misleading information or description through the Site to any party who relies on it, and if as a result of your doing so a person (or persons) enters into a contract with you and suffers loss, then you will be legally liable, and must indemnify us against any such liability.

Users of the Site searching for a property should note that the details of any property listed on the Site have been provided by the person who listed the advert. We do not check to confirm the accuracy of any advertisement and therefore if you are unsure about any of the content of the listing you will need to clarify it with the Owner and/or seek independent legal advice. We do not accept responsibility or liability, and all contractual liability rests with the Owner or other person who posted the advertisement.

3. Maintaining your advertisement: You must maintain your advertisement throughout the period for which it is listed on the Site, so as to ensure that it contains accurate details at all times.

Once you have received an offer and you have accepted the offer, you must then edit the details of your property to show that it is “under offer”. The term “under offer” can be modified to reflect the different types of transaction, such as “sale agreed”, “let agreed” etc.

Once the property is under offer, there will be a period of time when references are taken or legal work is carried out, after which the contract will (hopefully) be entered into and executed by both parties, and at this point again the advertisement will again need to be edited to reflect that the property has been sold or let.

There may be circumstances in which you decide to withdraw your advertisement, in which case you can edit the property details to reflect this.

4. Fees: To list your property on our Site you will be charged a fee. This will be as displayed on our Site in the list of relevant fees applicable to the relevant type of advertisement. We may change our list of fees from time to time without giving notice. The fees are chargeable per property you are listing, not per Customer. The full fee must be paid before the property is listed. Once your property is listed you will not be able to edit some of the details, so please check them carefully in order to enable us to take the correct payment for the property, and avoid the necessity of your having to post (and pay for) the advertisement again.

5. Refunds: Once your property been uploaded and listed on our Site there will be no refunds under any circumstances (see our [Terms of Use]). If you are unsure or undecided not the time you wanted list your property then do not list the property on the Site.

6. Listing of your Advertisement: Your advertisement will be listed for a period of one month. If your property is sold or let within that period then you will need to archive your advertisement or delete it. If your property is not under offer by the end of the one month you can renew the advertisement by paying the applicable fee. If your advertisement is not renewed then it will be automatically archived or deleted from our Site.

7. Your responsibilities:

Energy Performance Certificate (EPC): When you are marketing your property you must have the EPC, and the front page of the certificate should be attached to your advertisement. It is your responsibility to ensure you comply with the law.

Gas Certificate: If you are renting your property you are responsible for having a gas certificate for the property before you enter into a tenancy agreement, and you must ensure that it is periodically obtained when it expires to ensure the property is safe to rent out. You are also responsible to give a copy to your tenant.

Electric Certificate: You are responsible for having an electric certificate, which needs to be periodically renewed to ensure the safety of the electrical wiring and appliances.

Other Services available through the Site

Third party suppliers: The Site contains details of selected third parties who can assist you with your property transaction such as EPC providers, gas Certificate providers, valuers, conveyancers etc. We reserve the right to pass your details to these and other service providers with whom we have service agreements in order to provide additional services to you. While we provide these details in good faith, we cannot accept any responsibility or liability for them, unless we are at fault.

Customer service: We strive to give you as much support as possible for you to list your property simply on our Site, and to guide you through the home moving process. As we are an online property website we can only give you online support by going through the [Help] section of our Site. If you have a specific requirement then you can send an email to the following addresses: (for any general enquiry you cannot find an answer for in the help section) (if your advertisement is not displayed on the Site or if you are unable to amend the property details on the advertisement), or (if you have a complaint).

For detailed information regarding the terms and conditions that apply to your use of the Site please refer to our [Terms of Use] and [Privacy Policy] including our Disclaimer of Liability.

Last updated: 14th July 2014